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HC Series DC-DC Power Converters

HC Series 100-350 Watts Features
  • Wide input range.
  • Continuous current ratings.
  • Fully isolated, input-to-output and to chassis.
  • Resin filled (except HC350/24/12, which is fan-cooled)
  • Supports battery supply variations.
  • Extremely rugged and well suited for marine and other demanding environments.
  • High tolerance for shock and vibration.
  • Remote low power switch-can also be wired for direct connection.
  • Fully protected.
Common Specifications 
  • Operating Temperature Range: HC100 and HC250: -25 to +55ēC; HC350: -10 to +55ēC.
  • Efficiency: HC100, HC250; >80%; HC350; >85%.
  • Switching Frequency: 45 KHz. 
  • All units are CE Marked.
  • Conformance to: EMC EN 55022, EN50081-1, EN50082-1, FCC Class B, UL 1950.
  • Input Protection: Reverse polarity (HC100 and HC250), fused*
    *User provided for HC350 inputs.
  • Fuse ratings to select:
    • HC350/12/24 60A
    • HC350/24/24 30A
    • HC350/48/24 20A.
  • Output Protection: Foldback current limit circuit at approximately 
    120% of output current, overvoltage crowbar.
  • Mounting: All mounting holes .2" / 5mm diameter.
  • Stud size (HC350): Input:8 mm; output: 6 mm; remote on / off switch: 5 mm.
  • Weight: HC100: 1.6 Kg / 3.5 lbs; HC250: 5.5 Kg / 9.9 lbs; HC350: 5.7 Kg / 12.6 lbs.
  • Switch connection: To use remote switch, connect the remote input to one side of switch, and the + input to the other side. If switch is not required, the switch input must be connected to + input.
  • Nominal input voltage must be applied to remote switch line to turn unit on.
Additional Specifications and Information


Detailed Specifications
Mechanical Drawings
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