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Avel manufactures a wide variety of highly reliabile power supplies for the marine industry and other harsh environments. The PS1308B Series is a perfect choice for mobile and marine applications, and the rugged In-Power Series is suitable for cars, small commercial vehicles, large commercial vehicles, trucks, buses and telephone exchanges.

All units are CE marked and fully compliant with FCC, Class B, EN55022 and EN60945.

If you have a specific application and need assistance determining which Avel power supply is right for you, please contact us.


PS1308 Series Mobile and Marine Radio

In-Power DC-AC 35 and 100 Watt Inverters

  • Converts 115/230V line voltage to 13.7Vdc
  • Ideal for running a mobile radio from an AC source.
  • Available with or without the radio housing
  • Optional battery charging facility
  • Optional integral speaker
  • Specialized versions ideal for marine applications
  • Provides 120 Vor 240 VAC supply from a DC battery source
  • Ideal for telecom, data, computers, modems and test instruments
  • Available in three input voltages: 12V,  24V and 48V with 35 or 100 watts.
  • Rugged construction

Open PCB Switching Power Supplies

  • International AC input range or autoswitch in100W and 150W units
  • Short circuit/over voltage overload protection
  • High efficiency, low working temperature
  • Compact size, light weight 
  • Low cost, high reliability
  • Built in EMI filter, low ripple noise