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In-Power DC-AC Inverters

In-Power 35 and 100 Watt DC-AC Inverters
The AVEL IN-POWER range of inverters provides 120V or 240 VAC supply from a DC battery source. Telecom, data, computers, modems and test instruments are among the many types of equipment that can be operated directly from a DC source.

Ripple on the 48V model is within the telephone psophometric weighting levels, therefore the IN-POWER range can be used in telephone systems.

IN-POWER is available in three input voltages 12V suitable for cars and small commercial vehicles, 24V for large commercial vehicles, trucks, buses and 48V principally for use in telephone exchanges. Construction is to the rugged standards required for mounting in vehicles.

The problem of starting and running 120 Vor 240V equipment with switch-mode supplies or highly fluxed transformers from an inverter has been overcome by the addition of a soft start circuit combined with a variable frequency facility. Normal practice has been to install an inverter with a power rating equal to the in-rush current adding unnecessary size, weight and cost. With Avel's design, size and weight are kept to normal full load requirements and costs are greatly reduced.

Certain models have BT approval numbers for connection to kilostream exchange.  Please contact us for further information.

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