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PS1308 Series Power Supplies

PS1308 Series Mobile and Marine Radio
The PS1308 Power Supply Series allows a mobile radio to be used as a desktop base station running off of AC power. It converts 115V or 230V line voltage to the 13.7Vdc that radios require.

This series is available with or without the radio housing. The housing accommodates a wide number of radio brands by just changing the low cost front panel.

A battery charging facility is an optional feature of the PS1308B Power Supply. Up to two 7Ah, 12V external batteries can be connected to the unit for continuous radio operation during AC power failures. The battery housing mounts below the power supply. 

An option also available is a 2W continuous, 40-ohm speaker as the PS1308SB. The speaker offers the maximum frequency range for its' compact 2.5" size. The PS1308SB includes speakers and battery charging. 

A specialized version of this power supply is ideal for marine applications providing a regulated 13.7Vdc to electronic equipment, including 25W VHF radios. During AC power failures, the PS1308MS automatically transfers the load to the ship's 24Vdc supply via a 24V to 13.7V regulator. When the AC power resumes, the unit automatically returns the load to the AC power.

All units are CE marked and comply with FCC, Class B, EN55022 and EN60945. 

Input Protection: 4A fuse for 115V, 2A for 230V
Output Protection: The PS 1308 is constant current limited at 115% of full load, other units at 100% of full load.
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