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Open PCB Switching Power Supplies
100 and 150 Watt Series 1 Output Power Factor Corrected
Input voltage range 85-264VAC
Input frequency 47-63Hz
Inrush current cold start, 30A/115V. 60A/230V
Output voltage refer to below table(10% ADJ)
Overload Protection 105%-135% constant current limiting
Over voltage protection 110%-135% of output voltage
Setup, rise, hold up time 800ms, 50ms,20ms
Withstand voltage I/P-O/P:3KV. I/P-FG:1.5KV, 1min
Working temperature 0-40C@100%, -10C@80%, 60C@50%
Connection 8P/3.96mm, JST VH

0.4kgs LPP-100, 0.5kgs. LPP-150

100W Single Output
Type No Output Tol. R&N Efficiency.
LPP-100-3.3 3.3V, 20A 3% 100mV 69%
LPP-100-5 5V, 20A 3% 100mV 77%

7.5V, 13.3A

2% 100mV 77%
LPP-100-12 12V, 8.4A 2% 100mV 79%
LPP-100-13.5 13.5V, 7.5A 2% 100mV 79%
LPP-100-15 15V, 6.7A 2% 100mV 80%
LPP-100-24 24V, 4.2A 1% 100mV 80%
LPP-100-27 27V, 3.8A 1% 100mV 81%
LPP-100-48 48V, 2.1A 1% 150mV 81%
150W Single Output
Type No Output Tol. R&N Efficiency.
LPP-150-3.3 3.3V, 30A 3% 100mV 69%
LPP-150-5 5V, 30A 3% 100mV 75%

7.5V, 20A

2% 100mV 76%
LPP-150-12 12V, 12.5A 2% 100mV 80%
LPP-150-13.5 13.5V, 11.2A 2% 100mV 80%
LPP-150-15 15V, 10A 2% 100mV 81%
LPP-150-24 24V, 6.3A 1% 100mV 83%
LPP-150-27 27V, 5.6A 1% 100mV 84%
LPP-150-48 48V, 3.2A 1% 150mV 84%